Peach Therapy

Peaches is a Limited Edition Rescue Terrier Hybrid with origami ears, a speckled pig nose and a penchant for hugging cats.  She was rescued at 10 days old near Detroit, Michigan, along with six of her orphaned siblings, by a local pit bull rescue group.  After fostering her and two of her brothers from age six weeks to four months, we decided to make “The Peach” a permanent part of the family.


Peaches’ Vitals:

“Peach Therapy” is the term we use to symbolize the interdependent relationship between Peaches providing therapy for others and others providing therapy for Peaches.  In other words,  sometimes Peaches gives the therapy and sometimes she gets the therapy–and oftentimes it’s both.

For example, here she is giving Reading Therapy:

Here she is getting Laugh Therapy:

Here she is giving-getting Hug Therapy:


Here she is giving-getting Smile Therapy:


And of course we also have Kitty Therapy:


And Puppy Therapy:


And Art Therapy:


And Michigan Hockey Season Therapy:


And . . . well, I think you get the idea.  You can read more about Peaches in some of the following blog posts, or check her out in action in the videos below!

Therapy Dogs: Not Born, Not Made, But Shaped

Finding “Mr. Right” . . . even though it seems so wrong

A Peach in Motion:  Dealing with issues surrounding photo and video releases in therapy dog work

Pit Bull Family Reunion with Peaches’ Littermate, Moose

Friday’s Forbidden Love with Peaches and Mose the Cat

8 Responses to Peach Therapy

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  2. “Pit Bulls” are dangerous! Dangerously loveable and friendly!!! Be careful of they will hug and lick you to death! Thank you for making my day brighter with the pictures and video. Russell Hartstein CPDT dog training in Miami

  3. Our foster dog turned foster-failure is also a little red pit bull. She came from Georgia, and so her name was born. However, we refer to her as our ‘Georgia-Peach’ and to her soft, velvety tummy furs as her ‘peach fuzz’. Thanks for being such a responsible dog owner, and raising a dog who is such an amazing breed ambassador!

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  6. Hi there – I just discovered your blog – Peaches is precious and I especially love your post about runners and dogs. Looking forward to following along!

  7. unleashednj says:

    I am not a blog reader or follower..until now! Super terrific amazing and down right truthful and smart post about Bad Rap! Amazing!! Im reading you XOXO Peace, Love, Pitties!!

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