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Emily Douglas authors The Unexamined Dog blog and writes regularly about "pit bull" advocacy, humane education and the parallels between the education field and the dog world. Emily and her dog, Peaches volunteer as a registered therapy dog team in the Southeast Michigan area, where their visits are affectionately known as Peach Therapy.

When it means more than what it is

One of the most beautiful things about sharing our lives with animals is that they provide a remarkably clear window into our souls. They reveal us to be desperate for unconditional love and some semblance of control over the uncontrollable, … Continue reading

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In celebration of one of the most beautiful, low-maintenance, velvety soft, tennis ball obsessed freaks that ever lived, please take a moment this week to grab the dirtiest tennis ball you can find, chuck it as far as you can … Continue reading

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Five essentials for the multi-dog household

The interwebs are full of helpful tips and tricks for managing multi-dog households. The bulk of which are concerned primarily with two things: preventing squabbles and managing feeding times. Those things are awesome and important, and this blog post has nothing … Continue reading

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Six activities that are always better with a dog

Despite what friends and family might believe, I do not enjoy doing everything with my dogs. In fact, the only reason my social media feeds are full of pet pictures is because my dogs are constantly hovering around me engaging in … Continue reading

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The Peach goes to Clicker Expo

Lately I’ve been looking for more opportunities to relax and unwind. (Or at least that’s what my therapist, husband and basically everybody who knows me have suggested.) So naturally, I thought it was a fabulous idea to take Peaches to the … Continue reading

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