Cra Cra for Cozy Caves

I’ve bought a lot of dog beds in my life. A LOT of dog beds. And for those of us who unnecessarily dote on our dogs and tend to their every need (real or imagined), there are two major problems with most dog beds: 1) They’re a pain in the ass to wash, and 2) they’re never as awesome as your bed is.


We love having a home full of animals and have always been happy to have our dogs (and cat) sleep in our bed. But the day we went from three large dogs to four, our good night’s sleep fizzled into nothing more than a fond memory.


Particularly problematic were our two youngest dogs–Peaches and Buster–both of whom insist on sleeping under the covers. Really, nothing else will do. We’ve tried putting blankets over them and around the dog beds so they could cover themselves up, but those efforts proved fruitless.


Then, we discovered the Cozy Cave.

The genius of this bed lies in its dual ability to accommodate different types of dogs while requiring minimal care and maintenance from the owner. The Cozy Cave is made by Snoozer and is available for purchase on just about every site that sells pet care products.  (I purchased most of mine through Doctors Foster and Smith because they have better colors.)


The bed consists of a big round poly/cedar filled pillow stuffed into a round cover with a sherpa lining and an extra section of cover that creates a waning crescent moon pocket for the dog. There’s a piece of semi-circular plastic tubing inserted into the top cover piece to assist with burrowing, but it’s easily removed and often unnecessary. So no big deal if you decide not to put it back in after washing.


There are a great many things I (and my dogs) love about these beds, but here are my top five favorite features:

The cedar-filled pillow. Even with some really stinky dogs, these beds stay fresh-smelling for weeks because the pillow lining has cedar chips mixed into it. And anything that doesn’t require weekly washing is a must-have rarity in this multi-dog household. Less laundry = happy human.

Easy-off/on cover. I have more than a few dog beds in my home that typically require me to stretch and carbo-load before attempting to reassemble them after washing the covers. Hidden zippers, tight angles and unwieldy boa constrictor like stuffing that send me into fits of rage and exhaustion. Which is why the Cozy Cave’s simple circular design and semi-circle zipper make me swoon. They’re also really easy to move around when cleaning. If I need to vacuum, I just stack ’em up like a big plate of polyfill pancakes and then toss ’em back when I’m done.

IMG_0029Great for different types of sleepers. These beds appear to be equally comfortable and appropriate for dogs who like to burrow and those who don’t. If you pull the plastic tubing out of the top cover, a dog can just as easily lay on top of the bed as he can in it. Our dog Buster climbs all the way inside and disappears. Peaches chooses to lay half in/half out, and our two older dogs like to chill on top. They even enjoy sleeping on them without the covers.

Cats dig ’em too! Cozy Caves aren’t just for dogs. And more than a few nights a week we end up with a game of musical cozy caves at bedtime that leaves one dog without a cave, while the cat snoozes away.

Major source of entertainment. When I throw a new cozy cave onto the floor, our two youngest dogs take to it like a pack of sugar-high 4th graders in a bounce castle. (See video below). And despite all the rough-housing and animal antics, they’ve never really done any damage to them. Little bit of dislodged sherpa fuzz here and there, but otherwise still intact.


I’ve done my share of shameless, unsolicited promotion of certain pet products over the years, but I can’t say we’ve ever had as much fun with any of those items as we do with these beds. Which is why we go so cra cra for our Cozy Caves.


Purchasing note: The Cozy Cave comes in Small, Large and X-Large (which is what we have). I’d recommend X-Large for any dog over 40 lbs. because it offers maximum maneuvering/burrowing room. You could definitely get away with a Small for a dog up to about 45 lbs. and a Large for 55 lbs or under. I originally purchased a Small for Peaches (our petite 45 lbs. AmStaff mix) but quickly realized that several of the dogs used it and it was way too small for Buster to burrow into. I figured we’d just give the Small cave to the cat, but apparently it’s too small for his ego.

About emily douglas

Emily Douglas authors The Unexamined Dog blog and writes regularly about "pit bull" advocacy, humane education and the parallels between the education field and the dog world. Emily and her dog, Peaches volunteer as a registered therapy dog team in the Southeast Michigan area, where their visits are affectionately known as Peach Therapy.
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11 Responses to Cra Cra for Cozy Caves

  1. Mados says:

    How durable resistant are the cozy caves? Can they resist a big dog’s attempts to destroy them?

    Our biggest dog bed problem is that one of our dog likes to eviscerate dog beds when she is home alone (with the other dog), she loves the fluff inside them (and pillows). Once she manages to tear one open and pull some fluff out, then apparently the other dog joins in too so when we come home, there is dog bed filling all over the floor (and yes they have various other chewy and challenging sources of entertainment but apparently none of those can compete with fluffing a dog bed) and two happy excited dogs in the middle of it. So our main concern when investing in quality dog beds is whether the dog is able to “fluff it”. She’ll open zippers and work on any vulnerable, chewy edge or corner she can find, so I think the cover needs to be uncomfortable to chew in, or the bed won’t last long.

    • Ha! So, this is a good question and one I’ve been asked before. Short answer: No, these are probably not ideal beds for serious bed destroyers. A couple of our dogs will totally unsqueak, unfluff, unstuff and destroy any stuffed type toy in a matter of minutes. But that behavior has never transferred to beds. However, I personally think of different types of dog beds as having different purposes. And I consider the Cozy Caves to be specifically for night time and sleeping time only. If your dog is a major bed destroyer, then maybe just don’t give them access to it during the day. Save them just for nighttime. Give them a soft mat or something nonfluffy to lay on during the day and then leave the special beds for when they already know it’s time to chill out maybe?

      • Mados says:

        That sounds like a good idea. It doesn’t actually need to be only night time… We could just keep them in the living room where the dogs sleep, and then have some other, indestructible dog mattresses (yet to be invented) in the kitchen where they are locked when they are home alone.

  2. Abby says:

    Uh, first, TOO adorable (all of these pics). Second, great to know about this bed! Our dogs have never slept in our bed (that’s one line I’ve drawn), but I think they would love these beds! Thanks for sharing!

  3. P Dixon says:

    Where can these be found in Alberta, Canada ?

  4. Sophie says:

    I love your post, the photos, the videos and the beds. My beautiful lab was not a burrower and would have laid on top of it. She really disliked being hot. She passed away three months ago and when I’m ready to adopt, I’m planning on one senior dog, or a bonded senior pair. Hopefully one will be a burrower because I can see how watching Peaches and Buster Brown romp in them is great entertainment! Thanks, Emily, for making my day!

  5. are the insides washable too? with cedar?

    • Hi Courtenay- Unfortunately no. I think that’s the single biggest drawback of the product. However, we’ve definitely had some minor puke/pee accidents on them and the covers pretty much stopped the offending substance before it reached the inner lining. One of our dogs even let a big Kong full of frozen pumpkin and cheese melt all over one of the beds, and it didn’t leak through to the inside.

  6. Felecia says:

    I purchased a large and of course it seemed to small so I had to pay shipping to exchange it for an extra large. My dog is medium sized dog. He is always cold so we thought this was the perfect bed for him, But the issue I am having is he is kinda of skittish of new things and feels intimidated by the top cover. This one has the plastic tubing and he isn’t sure what to think and hasn’t slept in it since we have had it. So can the plastic tubing be easily removed? I think that might help. I have been putting treats in the back of it and he will go in there and get the treats but comes right back out. I just put one of his blankets on top of it and kept saying, “This is Helos bed!” He came over and laid on top of it for a few minutes. I guess what I am trying to figure out is what I can do to get him to actually go inside and sleep in it. I am just trying to be patient and help him see it’s not going to eat him. Haha. I know once he realizes it is keeping him warm and is comfy he will love it. Between buying it and paying shipping for exchange, I would really like the bed to get some. Any suggestions besides what I am already trying or doing?

    • Hey Felecia- Yes, you can remove the plastic tubing. There’s a small slit opening at one of the edges and you just pull it right out. Some dogs like to sleep in them and some don’t. I would recommend just taking the tubing out and just seeing if he wants to lay on it. I think my post mentions that one or two of our dogs preferred to be in it while the others only prefer to sleep on top. If he doesn’t want to stay inside of it, that probably just means he doesn’t like to be covered that way and it’s better to just let him sleep on top of it or wherever he wants. I’ve never done anything to get my dogs to use certain beds. I just provide them with options and let them choose where/how they want to rest since every dog’s different and the goal is for them to just feel relaxed and comfortable. All the best to you and your pup! 🙂

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