Best Friends Animal Society Training Video: Feral Cat Trap-Neuter-Release

Best Friends just published a fantastic educational video on how to responsibly and safely perform TNR for feral and community cats.  The details provided in the video are exceptional and perfect examples of the expertise that this organization has developed over their many years of working towards their overarching goal of “No More Homeless Pets.”

Video Highlights:

  • Preparing and attaching a “Cage Card” to let others know what you’re doing, that you’re not harming the animal, and contact info where they can reach you
  • Limiting the amount of the food in the trap in preparation for surgery the next day
  • Covering the trap and knowing how often to check it

Recently, at a dog welfare forum addressing the stray dog population in Detroit, I heard someone ask a question about the possibility of using the T-N-R model with stray dogs as well.  And I was pleasantly surprised to hear someone quickly respond and explain that stray dog populations and stray cat populations work differently and that whereas a cat can be safely removed and returned to the same cat community without significant social ramifications, the same cannot be said for dogs.  Removing a dog from its group for a few days and then returning it upsets the group dynamic and will most likely lead to the dog being attacked or run off.  I know little to nothing about feral and stray dog behavior, but I thought it was an incredibly interesting topic and just one more indication of the importance of learning about the nature of the work you’re doing before you dive in head first.

About emily douglas

Emily Douglas authors The Unexamined Dog blog and writes regularly about "pit bull" advocacy, humane education and the parallels between the education field and the dog world. Emily and her dog, Peaches volunteer as a registered therapy dog team in the Southeast Michigan area, where their visits are affectionately known as Peach Therapy.
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1 Response to Best Friends Animal Society Training Video: Feral Cat Trap-Neuter-Release

  1. Mary Hunter says:

    Interesting! I did not know that about stray dogs.

    Denton, where I live, has a large stray / feral cat population. We have several groups who do a lot of TNR, which is great.

    I volunteer at our local city dog / cat shelter and the shelter gets a lot of feral / semi-feral cats brought to the shelter. Up until a couple of years ago, these cats were just euthanized. However, thanks to a generous sponsor, the shelter now has a barn cats program. The cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, treated for fleas / ticks, etc. Then people can adopt them for free as outdoor barn cats, as long as they agree to provide shelter, food, water, etc. It’s turned out to be a win-win situation for the cats, the shelter, and the adopters. I forget the exact number, but something like 150 feral / stray cats were adopted out last years as barn cats.

    I hope we’ll continue to see more TNR programs and other types of programs where communities come up with creative ways to help homeless animals.


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