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Shock Talk: Patricia McConnell weighs in on the shock and awe campaign of dog collar manufacturers

Patricia McConnell, PhD in Zoology and adjunct professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison; Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist; and internationally renowned trainer, speaker and author stemming from her 25+ years working in the dog behavior community, speaks frankly about how … Continue reading

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The Voice of Reason: Francis Battista of Best Friends weighs in on Michael Vick’s adoption application

Apparently the motto for my week is going to be, “Ask, and you shall receive.”  Because no sooner did I voice my somewhat untempered opinion on the notion of Michael Vick as future rescue dog adopter and Humane Society of … Continue reading

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Pit Bull Family Reunion

Just shy of three years ago, we brought home our first three foster puppies . . . ever.  Three  6-week old siblings from a litter of seven orphaned at 10 days old in a vacant house near Detroit.   Peaches, Malu … Continue reading

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Photos of the Day

We were back today for round two of our visits to Camp PAWS at our local humane society, and Peaches once again did her best to get in as many neck kisses, head massages, butt hugs and full body squeezes … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day

Buster Brown and Peaches are hoping to inspire some new Roger Hargreaves characters named for them in the future (I didn’t have the heart to tell them he passed away quite some time ago).  They appear to be aiming for … Continue reading

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Slowing it all down

A regular thorn in the sides of many professional dog trainers and behavior consultants who truly follow a relationship-based training model is what our incessant drive towards instant gratification, and quantity over quality does to our training and handling practices, … Continue reading

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The dog days of summer have the cat down too

Continuing with our climate-oriented theme this week . . . After the warmest and most snowless winter I’ve seen since moving to Michigan 8 years ago, we are now enjoying what appears to be the driest, hottest summer yet.  Three-digit … Continue reading

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