Pit Bull Family Reunion

Just shy of three years ago, we brought home our first three foster puppies . . . ever.  Three  6-week old siblings from a litter of seven orphaned at 10 days old in a vacant house near Detroit.   Peaches, Malu and Moose lived with us from August 15, 2009 until September 27, 2009, when Malu and Moose went to their forever homes and Peaches became a permanent part of our family.

Left to right: Moose, Malu and Peaches

Today, Peaches and Moose had their own little family reunion and it could not have been more evident that these two gangly, mutant dogs were cut from the same cloth.  Good luck telling who’s who, even with the difference in size and fur color.

Since they were teeny tiny, they always used their front legs to wrangle one another when they played

Apparently Moose loves to shove his head into laps just like his sister

Moose was one of the unhealthiest puppies in the litter at the time of their rescue, struggling to gain weight, patchy from a skin condition, and flaunting a problematic overbite that made him look like he had a beak instead of a muzzle.  Luckily for him he was also the quirkiest and sweetest puppy, and overall just ridiculously adorable.

Baby Moose

Moose at 3 years old and ~50 lbs, ready for some action!

Baby Moose and Peaches sharing a drink of water big enough to be a pool

Adult Peach and Moose drinking from an actual pool this time

Let the zoomies commence!

Malu, Peach and Moose playing in November 2009, which was the last time they had seen each other, until today

In addition to their absurd ears, goofy smiles, gangly legs, and pretty much every physical tendency and mannerism imaginable, Peach and Moose also happen to share the exact same silly, sweet demeanor and desperate need to be loved by every person in the room.  The only thing that could’ve made their day better, was if their brother, Malu had been there.  Thank you to Kate and her dog, Sammy (Moose’s family) and Melinda and Francis and their dog, Dixie (Malu’s family) for giving Peaches’ bros the best forever homes imaginable.

The Three Musketeers

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Emily Douglas authors The Unexamined Dog blog and writes regularly about "pit bull" advocacy, humane education and the parallels between the education field and the dog world. Emily and her dog, Peaches volunteer as a registered therapy dog team in the Southeast Michigan area, where their visits are affectionately known as Peach Therapy.
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