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Therapy Dogs: Not Born, Not Made, but Shaped

As an inherently romantic society, we Americans love talking about how we were “born to” do something.  “I was born to run.”  “She was born a gifted writer.”  “He was born to do this kind of work.”  . . . … Continue reading

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A day of dogs and Discovery

Today was one of those days just cold enough to turn your cheeks numb and just beautiful enough to make you feel like a lifeless hermit for staying indoors.  So off I went on three separate trips–one for each dog … Continue reading

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Obsession with breed: As troublesome as discrimination against it

Most of my professional experience has been in teacher training and preparation.  Without fail, most prospective teachers, particularly those younger and newer to the work, cite the following as their reasons for going into teaching:  “I just love English,” “Math … Continue reading

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