Butt Buddies

Nobody likes an upset stomach

I’ve been sitting on this blog–or the idea of this blog–for months, unsure of where to start, worried about making the first post, and all successive posts, pithy, savvy, sage and original.  I’m now over myself and am just going to start.

Poor Peaches, the petite pit bull, and Mose, the black cat, have diarrhea.  Sick, defeated, and finally acknowledging that I will not be feeding them tonight, they have joined forces on the bagel bed in the corner, hoping to win the sympathy vote.

Moral of the story:  Even the most unlikely of friends come together in trying times.  Perhaps they can enjoy a romantic brunch together tomorrow over a bowl of Hill’s I/D, followed by some reciprocal rear end sniffing.

And me?  Well I’ll be dividing my time between watching a sad little dog squat in the grass during a thunder/rain storm and holding my breath while I clean out a litter box whose aroma could down an elephant.

Peaches and Mose: Healthy and Happy

About emily douglas

Emily Douglas authors The Unexamined Dog blog and writes regularly about "pit bull" advocacy, humane education and the parallels between the education field and the dog world. Emily and her dog, Peaches volunteer as a registered therapy dog team in the Southeast Michigan area, where their visits are affectionately known as Peach Therapy.
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